Kirby Pilots His Warp Star


I imported the vehicle into a 3D editor (Wings 3D) and aligned it to match an F-Zero machine. The Warp Star model is from Kirby Air Ride, with the Kirby model from Kirby 64.


So it turns out we gotta keep these machines real low poly. Grand Prix is unlikely to work with 2 imported machines. All other modes are fine. I’ll work on lower the poly count of my previous imports.

I once again couldn’t get the Warp Star on the selection screen. I followed the same steps as I did for Samus’ ship. No idea :/

Also the face.gma/tpl.lz has Samus’ head in there, so extract it and remove it if you want, or make your own with the daigoroh_face files I provided.

Replaces Daigoroh and his Silver Rat.

Do not change colors, you will crash