Modding Background


Besides using the same filter in every photo, Jonah Linder is also really into modding games; so much to the point where he hardly plays games! “It’s just more fun to mod them” he says. He started modding back in 2011 for Team Fortress 2 (TF2), focusing mostly on sound mods. In 2015, he got serious and popularized “Announcer Pack” mods, which combine 150 audio files to replace the TF2 announcer. He’s made 6 announcer packs for TF2, and 4 character sound packs.

In Early 2016 he moved onto Smash Bros. 4 (Wii U) modding, which was a little tricky, considering he didn’t own the game. He managed, and made over 100 sound mods, many times with individual SFX replaced. He also made announcer packs here, 8 in total, and 25 character sound packs. Between Team Fortress and Smash 4 his sound mods have over 40,000 downloads.

Next, in early 2017 Jonah got really into F-Zero GX modding. He pioneered it, becoming the first person to do a model swap, import a song, and playing story mode tracks without editing hex files. With F-Zero GX modding, a new sound-related problem as introduced, he couldn’t set starting loop points! However, after messing with where a song starts he managed, and has looped 100 songs.

In mid 2017 Jonah transitioned to Smash Bros. Brawl/Project M. Being really into the scene of video game music (and remixes) Jonah knew of many obscure bangers, which he would loop. Currently, he’s looped about 300 songs, 100 of which are intended for menu music. Jonah would focus on stage mods here, learning to vertex, animate, apply collisions, and spawn points. As of April 2018 Jonah has released 15 stages, and has joined teams of three different Project M modpacks.