Voice/SFX Modding Tutorial

Someone request a tutorial, so I went to work. This is the process I do to find sounds, and implement them for sound mods for Smash 4. I’ve upgraded to Windows 10 since this video…   Various Links from the video: 1) Nus3bank Editor 2) Python 2.7.11 3) Foobar2000 4) vgmstream decoder -foobar plugin- 5) Audacity If you have custom menu music, menu sfx may make it janky! Continue reading Voice/SFX Modding Tutorial

Stanley Parable Announcer Pack

My first big mod, from mid 2015. I replaced about 150 sound files with Stanley Parable announcer pack from the Dota 2 Announcer pack. I also got some samples from the Stanley Parable itself, as the files used in the final build are just mp3’s.   A mod that adds 150 alternate voice lines for the TF2 Announcer! But that’s not all I’ve added some extras to also includes: Achievement, Unboxing, notification, crit received, dispenser idle, domination, nemesis, revenge, dual, freeze cam (not recommended), health, ammo, hitsound (not recommended), main announcer pack, class selection, scout boombox, siren, start up/main menu, … Continue reading Stanley Parable Announcer Pack